The 2016 Calne Food & Drink festival will yet again offer a vast array of food and drink suppliers from the local area and further afield.
Please visit this page again as we update our list of vendors.
Robyn Fox Bakeology
An artisan bakery van selling freshly baked goodies made with local ingredients where possible
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Box Steam Brewery
A family-run, independent brewery, Box Steam has been producing cask and bottled beers with real character for more than 10 years. We’re home to one of only a handful of Master Brewers working in the UK. Using our steam copper, ingenuity and a whole heap of passion, we transform the best local malts and British hops into Tunnel Vision and other high quality beers loved by real ale fans across the UK.
Domenico's Ice Cream

RUH Cancer Care

Manic Munchies

Joe's Whippies
Green Taste

Artemis Olives

Wiltshire Chilli Farm
At The Wiltshire Chilli Farm, we grow a wide variety of chillies from mild to wild including many of the hottest in the UK and the world. We use our chillies to produce an award-winning range of chilli sauces, jams, salt and pepper grinders, and snacks. Starting at the mildest, our Sweet Chilli Sauce, Fruity Chilli Sauce and Chipotle Chilli Sauce, we cater to all tastes and tolerances. For those that like it a little sweeter our Habanero Gold, Cranberry Kick and Fireside jams are incredibly popular either as accompaniments to a cheese board, as a glaze for meat, or in a rich gravy. For those that like a little more fire in their food our most popular products are the Mango Hot and Caribbean Hot Chilli Sauces but for the truly fearless we have a range of Extreme products including the Golden Bonnet, Dark Habanero and Trinidad Scorpion Sauces. Our grinders, including the smoky Chipotle Chilli Salt and zingy Lemon Chilli Pepper are a fantastic way to add a quick burst of flavour or to use as a rub on meats and fish. We are also proud to produce what is accepted by many as the UK’s hottest sauce, The God Slayer, a careful balance with each chilli selected for the area of the mouth that it burns. Our products range from £3 to £10, most of which are around £4.
Juicy Orange Coffee Shop

Huntington-Bourne Bakery
A range of deliciously different home-baked cakes & pastries with a taste of South Africa, Greece and America.
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West Country Fayre
Selling the Greens of Glastonbury range of award winning strong cheddar cheeses all made by hand in the traditional way. Also a distributor of the finest artisan cheeses from the South West.
Wiltshire Bee Centre
The Wiltshire Bee Centre is operated by local bee-farmers with a combined experience of over 40 years beekeeping. They will be bringing live bees, educational games, a virtual hive, candle rolling and of course honey and hive products from their own bees.
See the bees at work, dress up as a beekeeper and bring your bee questions!